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Our customers' testimonials:

G&J.R. (IN): HI Mr. Unger,  Thank you so much for an excellent job on our new table pad! You can see from the photos, it fits right in with our existing set and makes our table able to seat 12 people. In the first photo, it is on the right, just in from the end table pad. In the second photo, it is moved further to the left, at the middle chair, blending right in with the rest of the group. The last photo shows you that you got the thickness exactly right, thanks! We normally have a colored tablecloth and then a lace tablecloth over that for company, so the difference in the surface pattern will never be an issue. We are all set for a dinner party! We will highly recommend your company to anyone who needs quality table pads! Thanks again for all your help,

R.M. (PA) Just want to let you know how happy we are with your service and the quality of our table pad. The size and color are exactly as described and the quality will make sure that we have many years of use. We were impressed with the customer service and how well it was packaged. Will continue to recommend to our friends. Thank you.

D.B. (VA) Don, I received my table pads yesterday and this set fit my table perfectly. I am very happy with the quality of your product and very impressed with the excellent customer service you provided. I will be sure to recommend your company to family and friends. Sincerely, DB

M.J. ( IL ) Sorry I haven't written sooner.....but I wanted to let you know that my table pad is perfect!! Very nicely made, great fit, and wonderful quality! Thank you very much!

S.W. (GA):  The top is perfect! I will send you pictures after I have the Chandelier hung, and have time to set a beautiful table. Thank you thank you thank you

A.B (KY): After moving into a nursing home a couple of years ago, I encouraged my 90-year-old mother to get back to her love of jigsaw puzzles. As her health improved, so did the size of the puzzles she worked, thus requiring a larger table. The 36" round table in her room was simply too small to accommodate a 1,000 piece puzzle, so I ordered the first table pad from you. It was several inches larger than her original table, thus giving more working space.

The table pad has held up beautifully in spite of daily use. When she's working on a puzzle and wants to switch to a different area, she simply rotates the table pad to reach the opposite side of the puzzle in seconds. And although the pad is larger than the actual table, it has never 'flipped' even when we accidentally pull it quite a bit off-center while 'puzzling'. It's just perfect and we're always getting comments on how attractive and functional it is.

I loved this table pad so much I ordered two for my own home in November – around one and an oval one. Again, they arrived on time and in great condition. Once the oval dining room pad was in place, I realize that while I had sent the correct measurements, there was a difference in 'capsule shapes' and so it didn't quite fit.

Because this was not an error on your part, I felt I was probably stuck with the problem, but contacted you to make you aware of the issue and sent pictures to better describe the difference in shape so it wouldn't happen to you again. To my surprise, you offered to remake the table pad only charging me postage!

The table pad arrived today and like the others I've gotten, is perfect. You are a man of your word, Don. You produce an excellent product and stand behind your work. Companies like yours are hard to come by these days and you are to be commended for your honesty and integrity.

Thanks again for all you do! Ann B...

D.S. (AL): My table pad arrived TWO days early!! I couldn't wait to open it and place it on the table. It is perfect and works like a charm. It's very easy to manage and looks great. I'm very happy with the cover that you chose. I can now seat 12 people at my Christmas dinner table!! Yea!!Thank you for your promptness and your willingness to work with me.! Dee

S.R.(GA): I got my table pad today and could not be happier! Thank you for all your help in making my decisions I can now have all my family around one table. Having a dinner party on Saturday night with friends and it’s going to be great to have us all together! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and Merry Christmas!

G.E. (CA): I am very happy with the table extension pad I ordered. Great quality, extends my round 36" table nicely. Couldn't be happier with the service and product! Thank you, G E.

L.W.  (AZ): Sorry to be so late in letting you know I received my table pads. They are beautiful; I am so pleased with the craftsmanship and the ease with which the pads and legs are assembled. Thank you!

G. H. (AR) Sept 2018: Don, We just received our order of two large table covers. They are beautifully crafted and designed. This is our 2nd and 3rd orders from you and you always exceed our expectations. Thanks again for the great job you and your staff do in making superior table pads!!

T.Z. (MO) May 2018: Received the table extension pad and we LOVE it! Just wanted you to know we appreciate it and will use it often!

S.L. (KY) Apr. 2018: Reporting safe arrival of the extenders. I have to be out of town for a while so I won’t get to see the initial setups/ The Food Service folks are delighted to have some new options just in time for graduation in May.  Thank you again for your expertise, patience, and leadership. Sarah

T.C. (MI) Apr. 2018: Hey there, We received our pads today and are in love. I went back on your website to attempt to order a leaf pad but wasn't sure how to fill out the form since I wasn't requesting the full pads. We are looking at ordering the Walnut Top Color, the Dark Brown Bottom Color and the dimensions would be 41.5 x 20. This pad would be the middle insert for what we just ordered if this helps to reference our last order form? Smart Locks again, please? Any help you can provide for us ordering is greatly appreciated. I have a few more pieces of furniture I will be ordering from you in the future and am beyond impressed with your quality.

J.G. (OH): Mar 2018 (voice mail) "Hi Don this is G. I had the 52 inches round that you sent out yesterday and we received it and we are my wife is very happy with it and then I am too. It was really nice substantial and we love it. So thank you for getting it out to us in time and we put it on the table and looks really nice. So thank you again and appreciate it and we'll spread the word about the Heartland. I appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Thank you. Bye Bye."

S.B. (WI) Mar 2018: Don, the table extender arrived today and we love it. The packaging for shipment was unreal, neat and secure. It was great to do business with you and your company. Thank You, Steve

J.P. (Canada): Feb 2018: Thank you for all your help. The tabletop arrived on Friday afternoon and we are really delighted with it.
We shall enjoy using it.

E.B. (IN) Jan. 2018: Don, We received the new table pads. I am overwhelmed at your accommodating my wishes, beyond my expectations. Your product is excellent and your customer service fantastic - both in terms of your generosity and the timeliness of your replies.

When I originally posted my order I slightly erred on one of my measurements. I sent a follow-up email that night and the next day on a weekend, already had a confirming reply. The order arrived promptly in high-quality packaging. They were an excellent set of pads, fitting perfectly and of superb construction and detail. However, due to a misunderstanding on my part, they were not exactly what I had wanted. I sent a note to Heartland, asking about the order but neither requesting nor expecting a remake. To my surprise, the next day, Don Unger replied with an explanation of why they had been made as they were and nevertheless offered to promptly remake the pads as I had wished, at no cost on my part. This was totally unexpected.

The new pads arrived, much sooner than I had expected and this time is exactly as desired. Should I ever need pads for another table or have friends who ask about them, I will be sure that Heartland is the company I choose or recommend. Thank you. Elliot

J.V. (CA) Dec. 2018: Thank you, Don, for your quick response, I hear nothing but good things about your company.

C.R. (NY) Dec 2017: I love the table extender. I used it on Thanksgiving and it worked perfectly. 

B.Mc G. (WA) Nov 2017 These fit perfect! Thank you very much for your wonderful customer service. I will speak well of your company's products, & your excellent service to all my family and friends who visit my home and sit at my table!


P.N. (WI) June 2016 We just received our new table pads. They fit perfectly and we are very happy with them. I should have ordered the storage bags too. Can you give me a quote by looking at my order? Thank You.

L.S. (KY) Nov. 2017: I just put the table extender on my table and it absolutely perfect!! Thank you so much for getting it done for me in time for Thanksgiving!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day! 

G.H. (NC) Nov. 2017:  Don, THANK YOU!!! I just received notification from UPS that the table extension is being delivered tomorrow - just in time for Thanksgiving! You are amazing and greatly appreciated!

B.O. (MD)Oct. 2017:  Thank you very much for your fast response and for replacing the leaves for us! I can't tell you how happy that made me! Both I and my spouse checked to make sure this time and the correct measurement is 37 3/4". Please let me know which address to ship those two leaves back and I will do so at my earliest convenience. Thanks again for your understanding and exquisite customer service. I will recommend your company to all my friends!

L.M. (ON, Canada)Oct 2017:  Hi Don, As promised....before and after pics attached....they are actually in the wrong order but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Feel free to use them along with the testimonial below. The pads look great and more importantly, the concept works like a charm. We typically seat 4 at our table and could squeeze in another 1 or 2 but only if we use narrower chairs. With table extender, we seated 8 people very nicely. Such a great solution to a challenge we often have when entertaining.

Thanks again for all your support in helping me determine which size would be best and for the extra attention in fabulous customer service.

Best of luck for your continued success. Regards, LM

D.A. (FL): Hi Don and the staff at Heartland,
I got the table pad and it is great! Love the color and it fits very well. Thanks for your patience with me regarding the size, shape and color combinations. Great Job to all involved!!!!!

J.C. (FL) : Don- the table was a success! Thank you!! Sent from my iPhone

J.S. (FL) : I received my extenders today and they have exceeded my expectations. They are beautifully constructed and custom-designed to fit my needs. I will be able to fit ten comfortably with just the two outer pieces. That should be enough most of the time. The centerpiece will be used only when I need a larger configuration. And they were constructed and shipped much sooner than expected! Thank you very much. J.S. Tallahassee, FL

T.Y. (MA) : Hi Don, My table extender arrived today and it's wonderful!! Thank you :) Happy Holidays! T.Y.

M.J. (OH) August 2016 Received my Table Pad today and it is just what I wanted. PERFECT!!!! And very very good service. Thank you!!!

D.F. (IN) July 2016 Don, thank you for working so closely with me on our custom order. The pads arrived in a matter of days and are perfect! We greatly appreciate the individualized attention and exceptional quality and service. Thank you again. D.F.

C. & J. F. (IL) Dec. 2016:  The replacement shipment just arrived, and we put together the entire system. It fits perfectly now, all legs can be attached :-), and we will be able to enjoy our first Christmas dinner ever with everyone sitting together in one spot. We sincerely appreciate your very speedy response to our problem, and we would happily recommend your company to anyone needing similar products.

Thank you so much. Have a very merry Christmas and prosperous 2017. Sincerely,  C and J

E.K. (MA) : I received my tabletop extenders today. They are absolutely beautiful!! They are far nicer than I expected. I thank you so much. The product is beautifully made and shipped without any marks whatsoever.
I wish you future success. Happy Holidays! Sincerely yours (signed).

L.D. (NY) : Hi Don, Thank you so much. I love the table extension pad. It is perfect!!!! Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving.

D.B. (OR)   I received the table pads yesterday, they are perfect! I'll send photos soon.

M.J (WA) : Don, My lovely table top extender was waiting for me when I arrived home from a recent trip. I freed it from its bubble-wrap blanket and set it up. It went together quite easily. I expected utilitarian, like thick round dowels for legs. The furniture-quality legs were a delightful surprise. So I am quite pleased.

I was particularly pleased to see the note about the lifetime warranty, even if damaged through my own negligence. Hopefully, that never occurs but if it should, I'm glad to know it can be repaired.

Thanks for your patience with me and for the product which is going to bring great pleasure to my family, particularly those who - at times - get assigned seating at the bar. Michelle

D.B. (NJ) : Good evening Don,
Now it is perfect!!!!! Thank you for correcting the connector so promptly. I'm so happy I found your company to purchase the table pads from.
Sincerely, Dana

L.S. (NY)  Thanks very much. I'm looking forward to receiving the extender and enjoying many holiday dinners. I will be sure to recommend you and your company going forward.

M.J. (OH)  (Received my Table Pad today and it is just what I wanted. PERFECT!!!! And very very good service. Thank you!!!

K.F. (CA)   Hello Mr. Tabletop! I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my new tabletop. It is a perfect size and definitely can seat 12 people nicely. I am positively thrilled with this tabletop extender. Plus, it was wonderful that it arrived so quickly. Thank you very, very much. Your happy customer,

K..F..      PS - I've included a photo of my table with 12 place settings.

D.F. (IN)  Don, thank you for working so closely with me on our custom order. The pads arrived in a matter of days and are perfect! We greatly appreciate the individualized attention and exceptional quality and service. Thank you again. D.F.

P.N. (WI)   We just received our new table pads. They fit perfectly and we are very happy with them. I should have ordered the storage bags too. Can you give me a quote by looking at my order?  Thank You.

T.S. (FL)   The table pads, along with the separate gift, arrived and I am absolutely delighted!!! Not only are the pads absolutely perfect, but the surprise gift fulfills a need too. Whenever I eat in front of the TV (which is often as I live alone) I struggle to keep a tray on my lap. Now I have the perfect platform, and with the felt side it will not slip! Thank you so much.

It has truly been a pleasure doing business with you. You have been so kind, understanding, and willing to make things right. I can't thank you enough. Thanks again for all your consideration. I just wish every company were as wonderful to do business with as is yours!

N.W. (OR)   I am sorry I am just responding to your emails now. I have been out of town and busy with finally sitting down to look at all of my personal emails! Thank you for writing me back details about the covers Don!

Gary and you did a beautiful job on our pads, and my husband and I are MOST pleased with the wonderful product, so I wanted to make sure that I kept them in good condition.

J.C. (FL)   Thank you very much for your great service. 

A.D. (NJ)   I received the table pads that I ordered and I am very pleased with a great job! I would recommend them Thank you!

Y.S. (MD)  I got the table pad extenders yesterday and I love them!!! They are perfect!!!  Thanks so much!!!!

M.B. (FL)  Just received our table extender, we're very pleased. Thanks for the prompt service.

D.B. (IL)  Hi Don, The new table pads arrived today and they are great. Thank you so much.

J.A. (NY)   Don, Just got delivery. Your product is beautifully made and fits perfectly. Thanks a million. Jeff

R.B (FL)  Hi Don. Thank you so much for your answer and your drawing! The problem was the Velcro was attached to the strap and I didn't realize I could move it, so it wasn't fitting tight enough to hold the pad in place. I appreciate your help and your patience. You seem like a very nice man. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Be well.

N.C. (FL)  Dear Don, the extender pads arrived as promised in time for our Valentine's Day guests. Thank you so much for your excellent service and advice. The 58" round fits perfectly and with a table cloth and china so elegant! You are truly my Valentine! NC

D.A. (RI)   Don, Just loaded the table leaves into their lovely bags – they fit perfectly!   Thank you and thanks for getting the order to me so swiftly. Cheers, D.

M.G. (CT)  Hello Don, I can't thank you enough for the incredibly speedy service you provided me. The leaf covers look great! I have not slipped them in yet because I need to clear a dust-free area before I lay them anywhere. But thank you so much. I have another table coming up soon that I will contact you about those sizes as soon as I have them.  Thank you.

C.T. (NJ)  I received the leaf covers. They are very nice. Now I can relax that my table leaves won’t get scratched up in the closet when not in use. Thanks, ...

M.S. (CA)  We received the two storage bags for our table extension pad. We appreciate your sending the bags so promptly and at no cost to us. They're perfect.

Thank you,

N.G. (CA)  Table extender arrived today. Excellent quality and service. Thanks very much.

B.J. (PA)  Thanks so much!! Great quality. I can't wait for our next family gets together!!!

D.S. (OH)   The table extension pad arrived today, packed beautifully and within a week of ordering. Love love love it! Finally, I can have eight, even 10 people to dinner. This is going to open up a whole new dining experience for us. Thanks so much for all your help!

J.M. (NY)  Hi Don, I just want to say thanks so much for the table extender. It looks and fits great! I am so happy. And the package arrived right on time as you promised. Thanks for your excellent service.

L.K. (CO)  Came Friday (Extension Pad), looks great, thanks so much L.

R.D. (MD)   Hi Don. Finally, git around to open the pack and just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with it (Extension Pad). Can't wait to actually try it. This is excellent, many thanks.

G.C. (NC)  Don,  Received the table leaf covers this afternoon. They are absolutely perfect in size and construction!   Well Done!   Thanks and Happy Holidays!

E.C. (MI)    Wow you rock! Have I told you how much I love you today? Thank you!

S.S. (CA)   As promised, the tabletop arrived late yesterday. It is perfect!! Thank you for everything!

T.B. (NY)  Don, Just received table extender It's perfect! Have the best Thanksgiving ever.

E.C. (MI)  Whoohoooo! Thank you! E.

J.W. (CA)   Don, received my table round yesterday and it is perfect. I will definitely pass on your information with high regard for service and product. Thank you again, J

G.A. (NM)   Don, the extender arrived yesterday and it is even better than I had anticipated! It is sturdy and so well made!

V.V. (PA)  Just wanted you to know that our table extender arrived just as you promised and we couldn't be happier with it. It's so beautifully made and efficiently designed, it's going to make life a lot easier for us. Thank you so much. It was a real pleasure doing business with you.

W.W. (VA)  Thank you for your prompt attention and timely shipment. We hope to seat 10 adults around this table extension.

J.W. (CA)  Thanks, Don - a real pleasure working with you! J.W.

B.S. (IL)     Just a quick note to tell you that my 54" round table extender arrived on Friday as originally scheduled and that I love it!

Used it Saturday night for a dinner party and Sunday morning for brunch and it works perfectly!  Thanks so much.

C.W. (NY)   The tabletop arrived before the weekend. I love it. Thank you! See attached photo.

K.A.  (NY)   Don, just wanted to let you know I received the extender and it's perfect, Thanks so much for sending it so promptly. K

J.W.  (CA)   Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A.R. (CT)  Received. Thank you so much, it’s perfect.

J.W.  (CA)   Don - thank you for your help - I am getting what I really needed and wanted thanks to you. Much appreciated. J

C.O. (HI)   Thank you so very much, Don. I completed the transaction. You have been very very helpful you made my day

M.W. (MO)  Don, I'm so pleased with my pool table cover I want to order another one for a large pool table. I'd like everything to be the same as the previous order, with the exception of size.

M.K. (CT)  Hi Don - the package arrived on Friday as promised! It's perfect and several of my guests loved it and have asked for information about your company. I shopped a bunch of these table pad/extender companies and your's was by far the best service! Thank you so much for expediting the delivery for me.

A.C. (FL)   Hi! You are definitely twice as nice as others. You are the best.

J.P. (PA)  Hi. Got the pad. It's perfect. Think I can even fit 12 in a pinch. Great service. Thanks!! 

M.K. (NC)   Thank you!! Great product and service!! (Extension Pad)

L.B. (CA)   Thank you -  I have received it (Xtender) and it will work perfectly.      PS Very nice quality - sturdy!

F .A. (CT)   Thanks so much, Don. I have referred your services to a friend who should've to contact you shortly about an extender.

W.S. (TN)   The extender arrived and is just perfect. You are nice to do business with, thanks

F.B. (WV)    Just picked up my table leaf cover. It fits great & the material is very nice.

M.B (CO)  Good morning Don. Wanted to let you know that I received my order bright and early this morning... its perfect. Thanks again for contacting me regarding the shipment price and crediting it for me; that was very kind and honest of you. Have a great day


J.R. (WI)  Our table extension arrived yesterday and we installed it today. We are delighted with it!!! The timeliness of your service was amazing! Thank you sooo much!!

E.M. (CA)   My vinyl leaf covers will be delivered tomorrow. Thanks so much for completing my order so quickly. It is a pleasure to do business with your company.

N.B (IL)   Thank you, Don. It's a pleasure doing business with you. A rarity today. Best.......

D.B. (BC, Canada)   Please accept my heartfelt thanks for rushing my order on the table Extender to Vancouver. It came in exactly on time, and the product surpassed our expectations. We are delighted with the quality of the product, must better than we had anticipated. My husband, also an engineer, was impressed with the high standard of workmanship. As you know, I searched throughout Canada for a table extender and was unable to find one. Thank you for going to the extra trouble for us. You solved a tricky problem for us, and now we don’t have to buy a larger dining table for those few times we need to sit a large dinner party.

M.A. (IA)  I got my covers over the weekend. Just put my extra table leaves in them tonight, they fit perfectly! Thanks so much!

J.B. (FL)    Thank you so much for all of the time and efforts you put into discussing this extension with me. I am so sorry but the 78 inch won't do it. I wish I could do business with you because you've been so kind. Thank you for your help.

L.S. (WA)    I have to tell you how pleased I am with your product and with your company. You quoted me a price, you told me when it would ship and it arrived exactly when you said it would. I love the product. It exceeded my expectations. You were so easy to work with and I am a very happy customer. Thank you.

S.T. (NY)  Thank you sooo much we got the tabletop extender and it's perfect. Thank you sooo much!!!!

T.P. (GA)   The covers arrived today to the correct address. They are exactly to spec and fit the leaves perfectly. Thank you for all your help, T.P.

S.S. (SC)     I am ordering from your company because your product is made in the USA and I am trying my best to support our country!

J.A. (CA)   We received the XTENDER and it's PERFECT!!! Can you send us another one 54" in the sand color? Thanks.

G.S. (CA)   Wow. Thank you. That is so nice…twice as nice! I appreciate your quick response and look forward to receiving it. Thanks again.

V.Z. (CA)  The covers were just delivered and they fit perfectly! Many thanks to the lady who braved the cold to make them. And thanks for keeping us updated. We hope the weather is back to whatever is considered "normal" back there.

J.B. (WA) Dec. 2013  We received the table top today, and before Christmas, as you told us. The table is just what we wanted and fits our table to a T. Thanks for all of your help.

K.R. (MN) Dec 2013: Wow, earlier than I thought -- thanks!

J.L. (GA) Dec. 2013: Company was wonderful to work with! They even made a call to me to make sure I had ordered exactly what I needed. And they rushed my order as much as possible - and I received two table extensions before the Thanksgiving holiday. The product is better than I expected! Very high quality! Thank you for a great product and buying experience. I will recommend you highly.  Sincerely, J. L., Smyrna, GA

L.R. (NC) Dec. 2013: Thank you so much! Awesome service.

P.V. (PA) Nov. 2013: Thank you very much, my extender was delivered today. It looks wonderful and it extends the table by more than enough to accommodate everyone for dinner.

C.H. (NJ) Nov. 2013: Wow you are terrific Don! Thank you

L.D. (TX) October. 2013: We received the table extenders. They are perfect! Thank you very much

T.B. (FL) Octob. 2013 Thanks for responding! Appreciate the service! You're exactly right. The table is 60" diagonal.

R.R. (NV) Octob. 2013 Don, I want to apologize for taking so long to get back to you on the custom bags you sent us. Life has been a bit hectic! But I wanted you to know that we love them. They are perfect and fit very well. As I promised, we will be taking some pictures of them products and sending them to you, in case they prove useful for your website.

And, we have discussed having you make some storage bags for our dining room table leaves as well, so as soon as things slow down I will get those measurements to you! Again, thank you for your courtesy and your great workmanship. Take care and I will be in touch again soon with pictures!

D.V. (NC) Octob. 2013  Thank you for the special attention to our shipment. It says it should or could be delivered as early as tomorrow.

A.D. (IL): Octob. 2013  Thank you, Don, nice to work with honest people.

J.T. (MA): Sept. 2013 Received extension table pads and bags. Played with everything this weekend and they look great! Thanks for all of your help.

J.H. (TX): Sept. 2013 (After receiving the product): I double thank you! You guys make a great product with very good quality. I doubt any one can top your professionalism and integrity!  We will remain YOUR loyal customers.

J.H. (TX): Sept. 2013   Thank you so much for all your help! It is greatly appreciated. I think the cranberry as I have a rosewood cherry table.

The corner I think square so I end up with rectangular tables best. With your suggestion of 1-inch radius. Not sure what that means, though... Hahaha.

The order is placed and the payment has gone through. Again, thank you. You are a wonderful asset yo your company!

G.S. (MA): August 2013  Just sent you the order via the "Quick Buy Link" listed below. Please note that the billing address is different from the shipping address so I wrote it in the comments box. Thank you so much for your immediate responses. You are a life-saver!

R.B. (CA): July 2013   I'm happy to see that your web checkout page is now secure. I was able to order this one myself. Everyone who has seen our first cover is very impressed.

B.M. (CO): June 2013  Came today--Pad is perfect  Thank you very much. If we need pads in the future we know where to go.

C.F. (OH): May 2013 Hi Don, I'm a little slow to follow up with you but wanted to let you know the extension pad arrived quickly and it works (& looks) great. Nice suggestion to add the extra straps, I think they are helpful. Thanks again for your great service, CF

K.K. (CA): Mar. 2013  Hello Don. The cover arrived and it fits like a glove! I am extremely pleased! Thank you! From start to finish this has been a lovely transaction.

I would give you my highest recommendation! You don't find people in today's world that respond in such a timely manner, and provide such good products - we need more business people like yourself. Just hope you can survive in the current awful business climate! Best Regards, 

J.K. (AZ): Feb. 2013  I love the one I bought it November, so I'm buying one for my friend who is jealous!

K.P. (UT): Feb. 2013  I received my table extension on Friday, as you said. I am very pleased with it; easy to connect; well made; and very attractive. I can now sit more than double the people than without the extension. I like it very much; can’t wait to have a dinner now. Thank you!

M.B. (FL): Feb. 2013 Don, Very happy with my table extension pads, great for my card-playing gang! I am sending you pictures of my 48" table, and with the 62" extension pad, please use whichever ones you want.

K.D. (IL): Jan. 2013    Don, Just had an opportunity to put it together (Table Extender Pad) and try it out. It is perfect in every way, fits just right, is well made, and we are most happy and satisfied!    Thank you.

L.N (FL): Jan. 2013     Don, I have attached photos from my Christmas 2012 luncheon with the table extender. I included a couple of before and after. Let me know if you can open these and if this will work for you. I extended my 48" round glass top table to 60" for a luncheon at my home. The event was a success because the extender provided more than enough seating to be comfortable. It was sturdy and is so convenient to use. I also ordered the separate high-quality vinyl case, making it easy to store. Each year I decorate and 60" round table for charity and being able to extend my table to use as a prototype will be helpful. Thank you again for taking the time to explain details about the product and making sure it arrived on time for my event. L.N.

M.F. (CA): Jan. 2013  Don, Many thanks for your email. Yes, flannel leaf bags arrived yesterday and we used them today. They are great. Many thanks. Mary

J.D (MA) 12/2012 Hi there - just letting you know this was delivered today; I haven't tried it out yet (will do so tomorrow), but it looks great and I can't wait to see it in action. Thank you for the quick shipment.

J.D. (MA): 12/2012 (Several days later):  Oh boy, I sure do love this thing. Past dinners at our house have always been a little crowded. Everyone had plenty of elbow room this time and that was with extra people invited. We lingered at the table a long time and were very comfortable there. I never felt like it was going to tip over or anything like that. I really like the extra width and putting two people at the end of the table. The extra width meant extra room for all the bowls, glasses, and trivets, etc. There was none of that typical jamming of plates and looking for a place to put things down. For those of us who love personal space, this gave us some.

It was easy to setup, and I know I'll be hauling this out for book club night, game nights and every other party we have during the year (and we have a lot).

Thanks for getting it to me so quickly - it is well made and I appreciate the customer service. I hope your holidays were as enjoyable as ours. Attached are some pics.

V.C (CA) 12/2012 It arrived today! Thanks again. It's great. :) Many many thanks!!!!!!!!!!

K.E. (OR): 12/2012 I've been meaning to email you since the table top arrived on time on the 30th. It's wonderful and I have kept it up, knowing that I'll need it during the upcoming holidays. Thank you for doing what you said you would do.

K.D. (TN): 12/ 2012 I appreciate your kindness....I will happily recommend your company to everyone who admires our tabletop. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

L.N. (FL): 12/2012 I just got the round table extender and went home for lunch and tried it on the table. It is so nice and seems a lot sturdier than I thought it would be. They did a great job on making it and packing it so it wouldn’t get damaged. I like the pouch I can store it in. I will take photos of it and send to you. Can’t wait to use it Saturday.

J.W. (NY): 11/2012 Thank you so very much, that was extremely kind of you to do this for us. Have a very happy Thanksgiving,

E.G. (NE): 11//2012 We received the table extension and are very pleased with it. We would like to order flannel leaf bags for all the pieces – can you tell us what sizes we need and what the cost would be?

M.M. (CA): 11/2012 Don, the pad arrived and is just beautiful. Thank you so much. Mary

J.K (AZ): 11/2012 WOW are you FAST!!!! Well, this is one customer who appreciates your good service! I will recommend you to my friends.

D.W. (NY): 10/2012 Hi Don, It came out perfect. It is a brilliant solution and your performance and speed were flawless. Well done!

S.K (MA): 10/2012 I just wanted to thank you for being so patient with me. I will be sure and tell my friends.

N.G. (CA): 10/2012 Thank you for the cover. I received it. I don't have the table yet, but I think it will fit fine. The cover is done excellently . I love it. The quality and the color is very fine. The whole process of the order and shipping was stress-free and pleasant.

Thank you very much. I'll put some review as soon as I'll finish my moving process. You and your job are really 2xnice. My best regards.

M.K. (KS): 10/2012 Hi Don. The Xtender arrived today. I couldn't be happier. Just what I wanted. Thanks again for your service. mk 10/10

B.K. (LA): 9/2012 received the board and it is great...thanks for your prompt service, bk

B.F. (LA): 9/2012 Thank you for correcting my order, and your consideration on the price. I intended to order the 54". I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

C.D. (CT): 9/2012 My hero! Answering on a Sunday afternoon! Thank you so much. You can ship it tomorrow. My husband says he'll be there all day Thursday, and if not, they should just leave it on the back deck. And yes, please make the color CHESTNUT top/BLACK bottom. Thank you so much. What great customer service. I'm impressed!

Update: We received our table Xtender just as you said we would, last Thursday. It is beautiful and we are very happy with it and the way it was packed. I think you have a superior product and I will be ordering another one for our NYC apartment in the next few days. Thank you for all of your superior customer service! I'll be back to you in the next week. All the best.

V.K. (MA): 9/2012 Don, the cover works great. Thank you for your help.

K. G. (CA):  4/2012   By the way, wanted to say thanks for delivering that table top extender so quickly. Really do appreciate it. It arrived on Thursday, as promised, and worked perfectly. Love it! Thanks!

M.S. (NY): 7/2012 I love it! thanks, Don. excellent service; (Extension Pad)

D.B. (TX): 7/2012 The extender arrived in great shape with the added packing. It is exceptional. Thank you for all your efforts.

T.G (IN): 6/2012 Thank you, Don! The table extender arrived this afternoon about 5 pm - love it! Just what I expected and very nice quality. It was a pleasure doing business with you. :)

D.K. (WA): 6/2012 I THANK YOU so much for all the effort you've put into getting my order shipped's folks like you that will keep me coming back to order again, and again. I anxiously await the arrival of the blocking board...have a few things waiting to block :-) Thank you again for your persistence and diligence!!!!!

L. S. (NJ): 5/2012 Thank you! I’m so glad I came across your website when I was looking for my table extender!!

T.J. (MD): 5/2012 I got the table top extender. It is of very good quality. Thank you. Thank you for being so nice.

M. P. (PA): 4/2012  Before & After pictures of table extender for your contest, went from 8-16. Love the product

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